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August 27, 2014 11:02 PM EST
Crude production in the U.S. has climbed by three-million barrels a day since July, 2011, leading to 14-week price lows despite supply disruptions overseas
6:37 PM
Market Update

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Gordon Pape
Gordon Pape
Hot markets propelled this RRSP portfolio well past its target
Itís not RRSP season, but you should be checking in on your portfolio at least once a quarter
Rob Carrick
Rob Carrick
Kids almost in college? Flush that risk out of your RESP
Memo to parents with registered education savings plans for their children: Do not put yourself in a position where a stock market correction can decimate the money youíve been putting away for years
Gordon Pape
Gordon Pape
Dividend, potential merger make Stryker Corp. an attractive option
RBC Capital Markets expects Stryker's growth to accelerate over the next 18 months as the benefits from recent acquisitions kick in
The Contra Guys
The Contra Guys
Don't be surprised if Rona's stock doubles over the next few years
With a solid turnaround team in place, Rona has the tools to build a home improvement empire
Rob Carrick
Rob Carrick
Julyís top-selling ETFs evidence of a surge in common sense investing
The six most popular exchange-traded funds in July are cheap to own, easy to understand and ideal for portfolio-building
Gordon Pape
Gordon Pape
Looking to pay less tax? Move to Alberta
A PwC Canada report reveals the best and worst places in Canada in regards to income tax
The Contra Guys
The Contra Guys
Searching for a contrarian play in 'the Yum! Brands of sporting goods'
The story of Performance Sports Group is one of expansion and momentum and thus pretty much as anti-contrarian as can be


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